Human Pheromones Boost Intimacy

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If you have been in a slump sexually, then you will want to learn how to use pheromone cologne to improve your sex life. For those who don’t know what pheromones are: they are chemicals produced naturally by the body that sends a signal to others.

How Human Pheromones Work

In the animal kingdom, it has been documented, which has, in turn, made scientists take an interest in it with regards to men and women. Clinical studies showed that this chemical triggered a response from the opposite sex, similar to that in animals. So, men will become more sexually attractive to women when using pheromones.

To help you understand the power of the sense of smell, this sense is the strongest one we have at birth. In fact, infants can only recognize their mothers by smell. Something else to note is the attraction between a man and a woman is often said that they have a certain “chemistry.” That chemistry they refer to is a scent that attracts one to the other.

Pheromone Attraction And Intimacy

So, technically, you will be able to attract members of the opposite sex. Science has proven it. And, studies have also shown that women’s ovulation times who are around male pheromone are affected and occur at the same time. It is an aphrodisiac and raises the desire of sexuality in men and women. It has grown in popularity and piqued the interest of various media outlets. Learn more at

ABC Pheromones Test

ABC performed its own test to see if it works and it passed with flying colors. They took identical twins and applied pheromone on one. She had three times the interest her sister did. You would apply it as you would apply regular cologne, on the neck and wrists. You could also apply a bit directly onto your shirt. Soon after the application, you will notice that members of the opposite sex are more attracted to you.

Of course, this doesn’t only relate to strangers, it could just as easily work on your spouse. They will become turned on by you. If you are questioning the capability of this phenomenon, you can easily do some more research on the subject. For one thing, there have been many reports on various news, such as CNN, NBC, and news magazines like Dateline and 20/20, all of which are trustworthy sources. It is here that Primal Instincts for Women comes into play. Why wait for a whole day to produce enough pheromones to make your man wild when you can get the same levels of pheromones in less than ten seconds?

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